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Approaching Weight Loss For Amputees

I recently came across this article in amputee-coalition.org that was very informative regarding fitting prosthetics onto overweight or obese amputees. The article is here http://www.amputee-coalition.org/inmoti … eight.html and is an exceptionally informative article. However, I felt that something was lacking to it regarding weight loss. While it did a great job covering the “why lose weight” question I felt that it was lacking in “how to lose weight” rather than just exercise. Health professionals and personal trainers agree that about 80% of weight loss is due to nutrition and diet.

Utilize Proper Nutrition

Most of us have tried some of the starvation diets that occasionally make the rounds in the media. They usually include sad meals like cabbage soup, celery sticks and grapefruit halves. These are sad diets because they make us sad when we have to give up many of the foods that fuel our bodies and brains. Overeating is obviously not conducive to weight loss. But starvation diets make us feel so deprived that by the end of a day or two, mindless binge eating sets in, reversing any progress we may have made. Below are a few simple things that you can do to help you lose weight like: Ensuring proper nutrition, choosing a natural appetite suppressant, and staying motivated regardless of your situation.

Have Realistic Weight Loss Expectations

Why is it that we seem to need an external motivation to get going? Whether it’s to be look better, avoid further injury, or prepare for a wedding we feel that we’ll be in a judgmental environment. The truth is; you are the judge. Do you feel healthy right now at your current weight? If not, then you should commit to losing weight. Gaining weight happened over a long period of time. You didn’t wake up one day 20 pounds heavier. You didn’t even wake up one day seven pounds heavier. It happened gradually, over a long period of time. It happened the same way you got wrinkles. But unlike the wrinkles (despite what the wrinkle cream makers say), you can get rid of those excess pounds over time. Here’s the good news. Those ten pounds may have crept up on you over a year, but they won’t take a year to get rid of. Just know that permanent weight loss does take time. No random event in the near future is going to help you shed the pounds faster.

Exercise is Valuable When Combined with Nutrition

Fitness experts have pretty much agreed now that exercise doesn’t dramatically affect weight loss. What you put in to your mouth has a direct impact on what you weigh, and if you have an issue with overeating, or emotional eating, then a natural appetite suppressant would probably be a good choice for you to curb those food cravings.

However, you still need to get off the couch to reach your long-term fitness goals. Exercise impacts your health mentally and physically. As you exercise, your body releases endorphins, a hormone that leads to what is sometimes called “runner’s high.” Even if you never reach this point, however, you can reap the benefits of exercise. Joint movement, lymph gland drainage and brain activation are all benefits of slow to moderate exercise. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “use it or lose it”? Use your body. That’s what it’s there for. With consistent, focused effort, you will reach your fitness goals just in time for…the rest of your life.

Learn How to Control Your Appetite

Smart fitness experts recommend using a natural appetite suppressant to curb food cravings and put us back in control of our appetite. Planning modest-sized meals around healthy food choices and making sure we’re getting proper nutrition is the best way to reach your fitness goals.

Most people who struggle with weight loss admit that increased appetite is a major reason for their excess pounds. The inability to control cravings and overeating is the main reason for diet failure. Some turn to appetite suppressants, but many of these contain ingredients that have the potential to cause harmful side effects. The good news is that there many natural ingredients out there that do not increase the risk for harmful side effects. Finding the right natural appetite suppressant is the key to a successful weight loss program.

An interesting question is, “what is the difference between hunger and appetite?” Many of us fail at weight loss attempts because we do not understand that hunger and appetite are two different things. We overeat because we think that craving for chocolate cake or that extra big bowl of pasta is because of hunger, this is not always the case.

When your body is hungry, it is because your body needs food for energy, health and nutrition. Your body knows what it needs and when your tummy begins to rumble it has likely been a few hours since your last meal and your blood sugar is low.

Appetite is typically when you have a craving for salty snacks such as an extra-large bag of chips, or something sweet like a rich chocolate brownie. Your body doesn’t need chips or brownies to sustain energy or optimal health, but your brain is telling you that you have to have these snacks right now. You know the difference between hunger and appetite based on what you crave and how much of it. With hunger, once you eat sensible foods the hunger is abated, but your appetite will lead you to eat large portions of unhealthy high calorie foods.

Utilizing Natural Appetite Suppressants

Controlling your cravings is essential and a good appetite suppressant can do this for you. Finding a natural appetite suppressant that contains quality ingredients is the best choice, and there are several natural ingredients to choose from. Some of these ingredients include:

  • African Mango
  • Hoodia Gordonii
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract
  • Yerba Mate
  • Green Tea

The best suppressant will have a combination of these ingredients. African Mango, also known as Irvingia Gabonensis, gets its potency from the seeds at the center of the fruit. These seeds contain proteins, good fats, Vitamin B and Leptin that helps to regulate blood sugar, suppress appetite and burn fat.

Hoodia is a spiky plant found in Africa. It has been around for generations and it causes the blood sugar to go up as if a meal has been eaten. This helps the body to feel as if it has eaten when it hasn’t. Yohimbe Bark increases blood flow, speeds the metabolism and protects the heart. Yerba Mate controls the appetite by slowing down the body’s digestive system, and Green Tea helps speed up the metabolism and control cravings.

Following a healthy diet and a regular exercise regime are necessary for weight loss, but these efforts will be for naught if you give into your cravings and binge eat. Some products that promise to curb appetite contain harmful ingredients, but finding a natural appetite suppressant can help to control the cravings without the side effects, thus ensuring diet success.

Personal Motivation

The final key to being able to lose weight is to stick with it and ignore the days when you just aren’t “feeling it”. If you can push through those feelings then you just may be able to find yourself winning the battle to look and feel great. A lot of what it takes to be able to stay motivated is to build it into your lifestyle. Here are a few ways to stay motivated:

  • Put of a picture of the way you want to look on your bathroom mirror.
  • Use a lot of positive “self talk” encouraging yourself daily.
  • Memorize a few of your favorite quotes.
  • Ask your friends for accountability.
  • Find a personal trainer / nutritional coach you find easy to trust.

These are just a few elements that can help you stay motivated and keep you engaged. Losing weight isn’t easy but then again nothing that is easy earns you big rewards. So keep to it. Manage your appetite, exercise and stay motivated!


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